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July Bung, Iowa

Dear Wantok, The countdown is almost over! It is a little over a week before our July “Bung Wantaim” scheduled for the weekend of July 1-3rd. Enclosed is a tentative schedule and reminders. Please note that we will be staying in tents campsite. Additionally, we have not made arrangements with any hotels in the area so please double check with hotels around the area if that’s the route you wish to take as far as accommodations go. Here is a reminder list of what you need to bring along for the weekend:

  1.  Tents(if camping)Blankets, bedding, towels, pillows, sporting gear, toiletries. Cabins have cots/mattresses
  2.  Bring sufficient cash for personal use.
  3.  Provide possible arrival time into Highlands Park and departure plans.
  4.  Bring along Spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/and the kids as well.
  5.  Bring whatever else you can think of that you may need

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